It’s always exciting to see the transformation that comes with a home remodeling project!  Nothing makes this more evident than taking a look at “before” and “after” pictures.  I never fail to be amazed at the transformation that comes about.  And I think it is a testimony to the value of hiring professionals for your project, whether they are designers, architects, or builders.  There are just so many choices and decisions involved in a renovation project, and professional consultants can help bring all the puzzle pieces together into a cohesive whole.  It was around this time last year when I started one such remodeling project and I had the opportunity to reminisce about it when I received my copy of one of my favorite design magazines.

I had the honor of having some of my work published in the March 2010 edition of San Diego Home/Garden. This is a wonderful compliment to my work, as San Diego Home/Garden has worked with many talented and nationally recognized designers. This edition featured a kitchen and dining room renovation that I think was particularly successful.  This project was appealing to me because it presented a huge challenge.  It is modern in style but was updated to feel warm and inviting.  When developing the design concept for this home, I paid careful attention to the architectural details which included lots of wood, lots of cinder block, and lots of glass. I wanted to ensure that the home would be a perfect compliment to the owner and would provide a great atmosphere for casual entertaining. So take a look and see if you agree that the result was a great success!

Kitchen "before"

Kitchen "after"

Dining Room "before"

Dining Room "after"