I’ve decided I’d like to do a makeover of my condo’s deck!  What better time than spring to start thinking about sprucing up an outdoor space?   I am fortunate in the fact that I’m just a few yards from the ocean.  I marvel every time I look out my windows at how blessed I am to live where I do.   I want to transform my deck so that it feels like an extension of my indoor space.

Like many condo dwellers I have one of those funky decks made out of several layers of fiberglass and then coated to give it a skid proof texture.  I don’t like it so I’m thinking of some cost effective ways to update it.

In the spring and summer months I practically live on my deck.  I love to spend time sitting outside enjoying a meal, reading, napping, or simply taking in the view.  The heat and the glare can make things pretty uncomfortable in the afternoon hours. I would love to build a permanent deck cover, but my H.O.A. won’t allow it.  What to do?

Stay posted in the weeks ahead as I begin to change my ho-hum deck into a warm and inviting place to relax and entertain.

Deck "Before"

Deck "Before"