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I was recently hired to design the offices of a small capital Management firm in Orange County, California. The owner divides his time between the office here and one in New York. This west coast location has been in operation since the early eighties and has not been updated since. Needless to say it was in need of a complete redo. As I go through this process I thought it might be fun and interesting to share the steps I take and my rationale for doing so. Below, I have included some “Before” pictures to give you a feel for the project.
Hope You enjoy!


I’m so excited by the way my deck turned out. My hectic summer schedule only allowed me to work on it a square at a time, but the results were worth the wait! In addition to the checkerboard paint detail, I stitched up an awning, some chair cushions, and covered an antique French settee in outdoor fabric. I’m not too worried about putting an antique on my deck with the new awning in place. It just looks soooo romantic out there, I’ll take my chances! I love that in good weather (which is practically year round in San Diego), I can push open the French doors and add a lot more square footage to my house. To continue with the indoors out theme, I like to display artwork and flea market finds… additional layers that give it a look as if its always been there kind of feel. All said, i am very pleased with the results. I have a deck that is very pleasant to spend time on, I’ve added on living space, and I’ve done it all without breaking the bank!

I really wanted to give my deck the quaint feel of a cozy cottage.  Since it’s  not structurally designed for heavy weight, laying tile was out of the question.  But painting it wasn’t.  I drew a grid of large squares and then filled them in with paint.  This ought to make a nice foundation for the other ideas I have for bringing the indoors out.

I’ve decided I’d like to do a makeover of my condo’s deck!  What better time than spring to start thinking about sprucing up an outdoor space?   I am fortunate in the fact that I’m just a few yards from the ocean.  I marvel every time I look out my windows at how blessed I am to live where I do.   I want to transform my deck so that it feels like an extension of my indoor space.

Like many condo dwellers I have one of those funky decks made out of several layers of fiberglass and then coated to give it a skid proof texture.  I don’t like it so I’m thinking of some cost effective ways to update it.

In the spring and summer months I practically live on my deck.  I love to spend time sitting outside enjoying a meal, reading, napping, or simply taking in the view.  The heat and the glare can make things pretty uncomfortable in the afternoon hours. I would love to build a permanent deck cover, but my H.O.A. won’t allow it.  What to do?

Stay posted in the weeks ahead as I begin to change my ho-hum deck into a warm and inviting place to relax and entertain.

Deck "Before"

Deck "Before"

It’s always exciting to see the transformation that comes with a home remodeling project!  Nothing makes this more evident than taking a look at “before” and “after” pictures.  I never fail to be amazed at the transformation that comes about.  And I think it is a testimony to the value of hiring professionals for your project, whether they are designers, architects, or builders.  There are just so many choices and decisions involved in a renovation project, and professional consultants can help bring all the puzzle pieces together into a cohesive whole.  It was around this time last year when I started one such remodeling project and I had the opportunity to reminisce about it when I received my copy of one of my favorite design magazines.

I had the honor of having some of my work published in the March 2010 edition of San Diego Home/Garden. This is a wonderful compliment to my work, as San Diego Home/Garden has worked with many talented and nationally recognized designers. This edition featured a kitchen and dining room renovation that I think was particularly successful.  This project was appealing to me because it presented a huge challenge.  It is modern in style but was updated to feel warm and inviting.  When developing the design concept for this home, I paid careful attention to the architectural details which included lots of wood, lots of cinder block, and lots of glass. I wanted to ensure that the home would be a perfect compliment to the owner and would provide a great atmosphere for casual entertaining. So take a look and see if you agree that the result was a great success!

Kitchen "before"

Kitchen "after"

Dining Room "before"

Dining Room "after"